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About me


Yeah, we get it, you're a runner...


The Boston Marathon will be my fourth full marathon. I started running in college and it improved my view of life immediately.  I have run too many road races to count but each time I learn something about myself .

Why Boston?

The Boston Marathon is THE race. I have volunteered for 10 years and every year I proclaim it "the best day of the year". I can't wait to run this renowned race, the 123rd Boston Marathon - how flippin' awesome! 26.2 miles of awesome to be exact.

Why Camp Kita?

When I was in high school, my stepmom committed suicide.  I don't talk about it much. I'm realizing through raising funds for Camp Kita that it is healthy to share that experience and I am connecting with so many people who have also lost loved ones to suicide. This is one thing Camp Kita provides for every kid, connection. They will learn that they are not alone. My second intent is to run this race with one very important person in mind that I know could have benefitted immensely from what Camp Kita has to offer.


Track me on race day: 

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bib number: 26895

New blog post from my friend Mary McManis: Adventures of Runnergirl 1953

North End Living Article

April 2019:

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